Wild Wonders of China first photo mission started in Sichuan


Wild Wonders of China first mission, a “test mission,” has officially begun. After attending the opening the ceremony of “Bird Love Week” in Shaanxi province, Staffan Widstrand, Wu Ying, and Jed Weingarten were most kindly driven from Xi’an to Sichuan province’s Tangjiahe Nature Reserve by Mr. Li Yuliang and Mr. Pei Jingde. The team was also accompanied by renowned panda researcher Professor Yong Yange. Upon arrival at Tangjiahe, the entire was team was graciously welcomed by Mr. Deng Jianxin, Tangjiahe Nature Reserve photographer and chairman of the Qingchuan Photographers Society. After about a week at the Reserve, the team was reunited with Mr. Chen Jianwei, Mr. Xie Jianjuo, and Professor Sun Jinqiang. Also joining the team were renowned bird photographer Mr. Xu Yongchun, as well as underwater photographer Mr. Magnus Lundgren. Finally, but most importantly, the team was joined by Mr. Jean-Marie Hullot and his son Jonathan Hullot. This mission and the project to date have been funded through the generous support of Mr. Hullot’s IRIS Foundation, so the entire team owes a great gratitude to these fine individuals.

With the team complete, shooting continues in earnest, with separate teams going to different locations each day. Shooting starts early and ends late each day, with many people skipping meals in favor of pursuing magical images. Each night our team reunites at the Tangjiahe Grand Hotel to exchange stories and discuss plans over a delicious hot dinner. Many toasts are always part of the dinner, and the team is becoming a very close-knit group of friends. Each day this group of friends divides into new teams, and goes out in the forest in search of new images. We look forward to showcasing these images here on the website in a comprehensive album soon after we complete our mission here, so please stay tuned!