Xi Zhinong premieres “Mystery Monkeys of Shangri-la” in USA


We wish to congratulate our colleague and close friend Mr. Xi Zhinong on his recently completed film, “Mystery Monkeys of Shangri-la.” The film was premiered at the Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington DC, and a post film reception was hosted at the Chinese Embassy. Shot by an all Chinese film-team, the movie tells the story of a family of Yunnan snub-nosed monkeys living in the highest forests in the world. It is narrated in english by American actor BD Wong, and it poignantly explores how these amazing creatures live and survive, depending on strong defensive strategies, cooperation, and interdependence.

Xi Zhinong has long been a dedicated advocate for China’s natural heritage, and this film is just his latest contribution to conservation in China. We wish him many more successful ventures, and thank him for his continued efforts on behalf of China’s wild places and animals.