Gallery – Tangjiahe Pioneer Mission Results


The Wild Wonders of China team spent the second half of April in Northern Sichuan’s Tangjiahe Nature Reserve shooting their first mission, a “pioneer” or “test” mission. The shoot involved a large and ever-changing team of photographers, journalists, guides, and officials (for specific details on who exactly was present, please see link to our last post!!!!), and covered a wide range of species. Amongst the highlights were opportunities to observe and photograph Asiatic black bear, takin, muntjac, golden pheasant, and tragopan.

In addition to getting some great images to start the Wild Wonders of China image collection, we also bonded as a team while working in the field and overcoming the obstacles that presented. This is extremely beneficial, as we had the chance to learn what will be our biggest challenges on future shoots, and what will be our strengths.

Thanks for the logistic and many other great supports from the Bird Media team. We also owe a great thanks to Mr. Jean-Marie Hullot and the Iris Foundation for their support of this mission. Likewise, the entire team thanks the management and staff of Tangjiahe Nature Reserve for their assistance and cooperation.

Here it is—the first official Wild Wonders of China image gallery, from the pioneer mission at Tangjiahe Nature Reserve… Enjoy!!!