China National Photography Annual International Photography Summit in Inner Mongolia


From September 21-29 Jed Weingarten traveled to Bashang, Inner Mongolia to attend the China National Photography Annual International Photography Summit.  The event was a big success, with around 4000-5000 members of National Photography attending. Weingarten was invited to attend the event by Mr. He Shihong, the president and founder of National Photography. In Bashang, National Photography worked hand-in-hand with local officials and relevant government bureaus to create photographic opportunities, including pitching traditional nomad tents in beautiful landscapes and coordinating several horse drives for people to photograph. Perhaps more importantly, the event brings together a large number of Chinese photography enthusiasts in a location where they can practice, refine, and discuss their photography. All in all, a great time was had by all, and people went home with new images and new inspiration to improve their skills.