Wildlife on the High Plateau


Wild Wonders of China co-founder Jed Weingarten spent much of the month of March scouting potential shooting locations for future photo missions. He was able to confirm several sites that we already suspected would be ideal, as well as identifying several more sites that were previously unknown to our team. The various locations are home to several important, charismatic species including snow leopard, blue sheep, Pallas’s cat, white-lipped deer, Tibetan fox and red fox, and wolf. Additionally many bird species such as the golden eagle, lammergeyer, griffon vulture, Saker’s falcon, and black-necked crane inhabit the area, some seasonally, some year-round. Wild Wonders of China would like to thank Tsebtrim of Yushu-based Gesar Tours for his research and support, without which none of this would have been possible.