What is the Wild Wonders of China?

Wild Wonders of China is a proposed initiative to reveal China’s amazing natural treasures to China’s citizens and the World; The wildlife and wild places that most people don’t even know exist. It is about the joy of wildness.

Using the emotional power of world class photography and videography, combined with positive messages and facts, to inspire people to care about and to enjoy China’s biodiversity, its many wild places and the great variety of species that live there. Widely showcasing a side of China that only very few have really ever seen or heard about.

Permits and funding permitting, we intend to send out a carefully hand-picked Top selection of nature photographers from China and the rest of the world, in order to bring back a huge harvest of powerful images of the wild side of China. Then we intend to embark on a massive, visually based PR campaign, both in China and around the globe, making use of every form of media – web, apps, books, magazines, tv, social media, indoor/outdoor exhibitions etc – on behalf of China’s rich natural heritage.


Who are behind this proposed Wild Wonders of China initiative?

The formal entity that will be in charge of the initiative is right now taking shape in China, as a not-for-profit special fund under the China Green Carbon Foundation umbrella. It is called the ”Wild Wonders of China Foundation”. A group of highly qualified Chinese professionals from the fields of wildlife conservation, zoology, nature photography, media and business have teamed up with the individuals behind the very successful ”Wild Wonders of Europe” initiative and the fund-raising, not-for-profit “Wild Wonders Foundation”. All the initial team members have field experience from nature photography work within China. The initiators have very good networks both within China and Internationally, and are now working to expand and develop these further into a series of solid partnerships with Chinese government institutions, scientific institutions, media, UN/international entities, Chinese photographer networks, large corporations, associations, individual philanthropists and not-for-profit foundations. We also aim to build a team of Special advisors and high level patrons/ambassadors for the cause. At every level and in every field with a fruitful mix of Chinese and international partners.

We invite all eager individuals and organisations to partner with this no less than epic quest of global importance.


Who are the people behind this initiative?


CJW-131201-145143Chen Jianwei
President, Wild Wonders of China
Professor and PhD Advisor at Beijing Forestry University
Deputy president of China Wildlife Conservation Association
Deputy chairman of China Forestry Federation of Literary and Art Circles
Member of China Photographers’ Association
Born 1952.

He is the “Grand Old Master” of Chinese nature photography, and has worked almost all his professional career with nature conservation in China – as a Deputy Chief of Department for Wildlife and Forest Plants Protection in the National Forestry Administration, as a Deputy Managing Director for the CITES Endangered Species Import and Export Management Office of China, and as an Inspector for the Department for Nature Reserve Administration, NFA. At the same time, he was the first to develop a passionate interest for nature photography and all you can use it for, being one the leading inspirator for many of China’s today most known nature photographers.

In 2008 he published the first nature photo book in China, called “A Drop of Water Eco-photography album”, which was used at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, as a gift to its worldwide guests. He has held many nature photography exhibitions with his images, published a series of articles about the importance of nature photography for nature conservation and was also the author of China’s first nature photography teaching book. Another book, called “The Biodiversity of China’s Forests” written and photographed by him, was used as a gift to the United Nations General Assembly members and its Secretary-General from the Government of China. His latest book, “The Biodiversity of China’s Wetlands” was published for the 3rd Wetland Culture Festival of China, in 2014. Mr Chen is a very active nature photographer, who has photographed not only in more of China’s nature reserves than anyone else, but also far afield, in places like the Antarctic and in Northern Norway.

SWD-2008-06-19-231929-01BStaffan Widstrand

Vice President, Wild Wonders of China
Professional photographer and writer
Managing Director of Wild Wonders of Europe
Marketing and Communications Director of Rewilding Europe
Co-founder of the Wild Wonders Foundation and INPA
Born 1959.

Earlier a picture editor, a nature tour guide and a nature tour production manager. Since 1990 a full time independent professional photographer, working in long term projects. The winner of numerous international photography and book prizes and awards (Wildlife Photographer of the Year, European Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Image of the Year in Sweden, Emirates Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Nature Photographer of the Year in Sweden and 4 times winner of the WWF Panda book award).

He is the author of 16 books, a founder of the Swedish Ecotourism Association and its quality label ”Nature’s Best”, a founder of the Swedish National Carnivore information centre ”The Big Five”, a founding fellow of the ”International League of Conservation Photographers, ILCP” and a founder of the mass communication initiative ”Wild Wonders of Europe”, which to date has reached an estimated 800 million people with its images and messages. A co-founder also of the trail-breaking conservation initiative ”Rewilding Europe”.

Widstrand was in 2012 awarded the ”Golden Streamer” (”Gouden Wimpel”) – the highest award from the Dutch Postcode Lotteries. He has been the Head judge for the nature section and a finals jury member in the World Press Photo competition (WPP), twice a jury member in The Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition and once a jury member in the Russian national nature photo competition ”The Golden Turtle” and twice in the jury of the ”Baltic Photo Competition”. Outdoor Photography magazine has called him “One of the World’s most influential nature photographers”.




Xie Jianguo

Nature photographer
Photo exhibition curator
Co-founder of Wild Wonders of China


His photography has a strong focus on wildlife in polar region. Among his favourite subjects, there are emperor penguin from Antarctica, polar bear, arctic fox, brown bear, reindeer, narwhal and king eider from the north pole region. Xie also has a keen interest in photographing swans in their natural environment.

Xie founded Bird Media company in 2012, Beijing. The company carries its mission of protecting wildlife and nature through great photography.


Magnus Lundgren SPMagnus Lundgren

Professional photographer and writer
Business Director of Wild Wonders of Europe
Co-founder of the Wild Wonders Foundation and INPA
Born 1965.



Lundgren is highly specialized in the aquatic environments and its flora and fauna. He is a frequent lecturer on aquatic conservation, underwater photography and marine adventures, a passionate expedition leader and a member of the Swedish Nature Photographers Association.

His work is widely published by magazines, books and digital media across the world. He was deeply involved in creating the Wild Wonders of Europe Apple App called “Wild Friends”, together with Fotopedia, which has to date been downloaded over 1,3 million times (25% in China!). His latest book is “Wild Waters of Europe”, published by National Geographic Verlag in Germany. Lundgren has also founded “Exposure Expeditions”, organizing underwater photography expeditions to remote marine wilderness areas all over the globe. Magnus has won multiple awards in several of the most prestigious photo competitions in the world, including the “Wildlife Photographer of the Year” and the “European Wildlife Photographer of the Year” and ”Underwater Photograher of the Year”.



Jed Weingarten

Jed Weingarten

Professional photographer and writer
Eco-tourism consultant and guide
Co-founder of Wild Wonders of China
Born 1975.



With a background in kayaking, climbing and mountaineering, Weingarten specializes in shooting in challenging outdoor environments, from the Arctic to the Himalayan alpine to remote river canyons on the Tibetan Plateau.

Weingarten was a Highly Honored winner in the 2012 Nature’s Best Photography Windland Smith Rice International Awards by the Smithsonian. He is also an Associate with the International League of Conservation Photographers and a Consultant and Fellow of the Peking University Chongzuo Biodiversity Institute and the Qinzhou Chinese White Dolphin Research Institute. He has been a guest on NBC’s “Today Show,” was a finalist in the Red Bull Illume photo competition, and his work has appeared in National Geographic, The New York Times Magazine, Outside and elsewhere. Weingarten has also shot video for The Discovery Channel, BBC, and others.

Expedition leader and photographer in China for the last 15 years, fluent in Mandarin, and passionate about conservation of China’s wild places, Weingarten also works through Columbia University as an eco-tourism consultant, helping to build the base of responsible, conservation-focused tourism in some of China’s most important natural environments.