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Dear Media Professionals,

Here is a section devoted to helping you.

Downloadable hi-resolution Free Press Images and Free Web Banners are available on the Free Press image page for media usage. These may be published without cost, but only under the following conditions:

1. The images shall be used only when there is a clearly visible connection between their publication and the Wild Wonders of China initiative. 

2. The respective photographer’s photo credit shall be published beside these images, like this: Photo: Photographers name/ 
Credit information is available from the IPTC data in the image file of the downloaded images.

3. The initiative’s logo shall be published in connection with the report.

4. URL ( shall be published in connection with the report and preferably hyperlinked to. If the publishing is for the web, we invite you to use our web banners that are downloadable here.

5. The usage shall be reported back to us, with link, pdf or physical copy.

6. A maximum of three (3) images to be used as above, for any one story, without prior agreement from Wild Wonders of China.

Any other subsequent usage is subject to prior approval by Wild Wonders of China.
Here you can also find downloadable Wild Wonders of China logos.

All text and picture material on is protected by international copyright laws and the reproduction rights belong to the copyright owner, which in this case is Wild Wonders of China and the respective photographer. We are very happy to offer a reproduction fee quotation for images and/or texts to be used in a variety of media.

All pictures on this website are strictly for sale only. Also the images in the Free Press images section are for sale, but will be given free of cost only if the conditions mentioned 1-6 above are fulfilled.

Requests to license images from the Wild Wonders of China project for editorial or commercial use can be addressed directly to us.

We suggest you also download the Wild Wonders of China Executive Summary here.
The Wild Wonders of China team can provide further background information and interviews.

For further information, please contact

Wild Wonders of China
c/o International Nature Photographers Association
Tel: +46 (0)8 583 518 31